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About Us

A Brief History Of KenCorpus

Kenya Language Corpus, founded by Maseno University, the University of Nairobi and Africa Nazarene University early in 2021. These universities have been jointly creating a language corpus, and while using machine learning and natural language processing, are creating tomorrow's African language chatbot. Although natural language processes have undergone quite a bit of modernization and upkeep over the years, KenCorpus aims to take it a step further, and process our own African Languages on our own devices.

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Here's a brief on the KenCorpus Project

Our Activities

From June 2021, to date, we continue to make strides in enlarging our corpus, adding more language resources and our communigty is ever growing.

Project Phases

  • Data Collection
  • Transcription & Annotation
  • Speech To Text Q&A
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